Bangladesh goes into 2nd phase of strict lockdown

The strict restrictions imposed last week will remain in force

The second phase of the ongoing strict lockdown started on Thursday, following the current surge in Covid-19 cases and deaths.

Starting from April 7, the country has gone through a soft lockdown and a strict lockdown for the past two weeks.

The first phase of strict lockdown, which started on April 14, ended on Wednesday midnight and the second phase started from 6am on Thursday to continue till April 28.

In the first phase, as the days went by, the strict restrictions to be implemented during the week-long lockdown seemed to be loosening.

Although the number of vehicles on the city roads was less at the beginning of the lockdown, later all types of transport except buses were seen plying on the roads. Some areas even saw heavy traffic jams.

The movement of people also increased on the street despite the government imposing strict restrictions on their movement with 11-point directives to curb the spread of Covid-19.

Police were also found to be less strict at the check posts.

For the second phase, the strict restrictions on public movement and gathering imposed last week will remain in force, said a gazette notification issued on Tuesday.