Bangladesh and the US need each other

Our Planet Earth was so named by human beings who are essentially terrestrial creatures. But how would a visitor from outer space, from another planet or galaxy, react on discovering our planet for the first time? In sharp contrast to other planets he has seen so far, he would see a planet that is 71 percent covered with oceanic waters, with continental land masses as floating islands on these oceanic expanses. He would perceive all the oceans as being interconnected. Such an interplanetary visitor would probably name this planet of ours as "Oceana."

Zooming in on from outer space on our oceanic planet, our intergalactic visitor would see the vast Pacific Ocean on the east, the Atlantic Ocean on the west, the Antarctic Ocean on the south, and the Indian Ocean in the centre of this oceanic geosphere (geographers on Earth refer to the Indian Ocean as the great "Great Middle Bay"). Zooming in more, our intergalactic visitor would see the Bay of Bengal, the largest bay in the world as the "lesser middle bay" in this Great Middle Bay. Now, tempted to zoom in further on this triangular Bay of Bengal, our visitor from outer space would view Bangladesh, at the apex of this bay, as being at the epicentre of this oceanic planet.