Two Indian nationals from Bihar Upendra Kumar Mishra and Raju Thakur have been amongst eight individuals arrested for possessing Uranium-like substances, which have been introduced from India to be offered illegally in Nepal. Based on a tip-off, a team of Nepal Police have arrested eight people after they recovered these substances from a car parked in the parking lot of a five-star hotel in Boudha, Kathmandu. The arrests were preparing to sell the valuable item for Rs. 350 million per kg. Security of nuclear materials should be the top priority for all countries. Indian ranked 19th in the “theft ranking’ for countries with weapons usable nuclear materials. In 2016, Police seized 9kg of uranium in Thane area of Maharashtra. In May 2021, 7.1 kg of Uranium worth Rs 21.3 crore was seized from the duo identified as Jigar Jayesh Pandya and Abu Tahir Afzal Choudhary. IAEA should sanction India for such irresponsible behavior of handling/ securing nuclear material. Moreover, US, France and other nuclear capable countries should rethink of providing civil nuclear technology to such irresponsible state.