'Attempt to Erase Every Aspect of Life of Indian Muslims': Bebaak Collective on Communal Riots

New Delhi: Mumbai-based Bebaak Collective has described the recent surge in hate towards Muslims and the consequent attacks against them in different parts of the country as an attempt by the Hindu nationalists to erase and undo every aspect of the life of Indian Muslims.

A press statement issued by the Collective and signed by several activists, journalists, academics, filmmakers and civil society organisations has condemned recent anti-Muslim violence reported during Ram Navami celebrations in various parts of the country.

“These incidents need to be looked at within a wider pattern of concerted attempts to erase, demolish, attack and transform visible symbols and practices of religious coexistence,” the statement observed, adding that the recent string of communal riots was a testament to the “politically engineered social hatred of the right wing organisations like RSS and Bajrang Dal”.

Stating that the idea of “Hindus in danger” has become a mobilising cry for anti-Muslim violence, the signatories said, “The Hindu nationalist suspicion towards Muslims as true citizens and patriots, a narrative which came up constantly during the anti-CAA-NRC movement, has devolved into a cultural assertion against the very existence of Muslims.”

The statement has also questioned the “complicity of the police” during recent instances of communal violence. “…[T]hey have chosen to let the violence play out and actively targeted Muslim youth with arrests, while the perpetrators are free,” the statement alleged.