Attack on Kabul Gurdwara: Global Terrorism Vs Indian State Terrorism

Faheem Haider

Ever since Narendra Modi’s ascension to the Prime Minister’s Office, crimes targeting minorities have burgeoned. There are numerous reasons behind this act of antagonism but it all trickles down to the mantra of the ruling party Hindutva. This notion of Hindu supremacy has spread like wildfire and has engulfed the country completely. The minorities are suffocating due to its poisonous nationalistic, religious and chauvinistic fumes.

Excessive nationalism orchestrates authoritarianism. Hindutva preaches dominance of Hinduism over other religions. It says Hindus belong to a superior race and have the right to rule over others. It differentiates between Hindus and non-Hindus with racist pronouns like ‘us’ and ‘them’. It calls for a pro-Hindu India with no place for minorities. They are regarded as outsiders that have adulterated Mother India. RSS and consequently, its political wing, the BJP, endorse this ideology. They assault the splinter groups of the country and try to forcefully revert them to Hinduism. The logic is that foreign religions have corrupted the true Indians and they require re-enlightenment and guidance.

In recent years, India has seen a dismaying and dangerous trend of aggression and physical attacks on its Muslim and Christian communities. According to a Pew Research study, India has one of the highest levels of social hostilities involving religion in the world. But in recent years, the trend which includes a sophisticated yet vicious social media campaign to demonize Muslims has intensified. Top politicians, mainly from the ruling party, not only ignore the developments but encourage it through dog whistling.

Indians view secularism quite differently than many Europeans do. The French “laïcité” makes the state neutral and even a bit sceptical towards religion. In India, however, the state is supposed to view all faiths as equal; therefore, it regularly intervenes in matters related to religion.

Since the Sikhs have started the Sikh for Justice Referendum around the world, the Sikhs have been constantly being targeted.

The recent arrests of key Sikh leaders, including Navjot Singh Sidhu, the targeted killing of Sikh artists, including the recent assassination of Sidhu Musa Wala, and the crackdown on pro-peasant movement Sikh leaders are just a few.

RAW agents are active throughout Europe, while propaganda campaigns against the Sikhs are being waged in the United States and in the West to break the momentum of the Khalistan movement.

Due to the strong links between RAW and ISIS, Sikhs continue to be targeted in Afghanistan as well. It is incomprehensible that the Sikh places of worship, which have been inhabited for centuries, have been continuously targeted, even though they have nothing to do with the ongoing civil war in Afghanistan.

According to the investigation, Indian nationals were involved in some of these blasts. According to sources, the purpose of these RAW operations is to create fear and panic among the Sikhs so that they abandon the Khalistan movement.

Such attacks are likely to continue until the followers of the Sikh religion recognize the supremacy of the Brahmin Hindus and renounce the demands of the Khalistan movement and become part of a united India.

As The Indian authorities have been using state terrorism to exercise bloody rule over the Indian Illegally Occupied Jammu and Kashmir (IIOJK), and therefore, the international community should unanimously condemn it.

Nowadays the entire international community has expressed its opposition to terrorism in all its forms. This should include terrorist acts committed by various terrorist organizations, as well as the state form of terrorism.

India’s state terrorism has seriously violated the fundamental human rights of the Kashmiri people and seriously undermined regional peace and stability. The international community should attach great importance to it and take resolute measures to stop it.

The Kashmiri people have been engaged in a just cause for decades fighting tirelessly for national self-determination and against Indian state terrorism in the IIOJK, and should receive political, moral and diplomatic support from the international community.

The inhuman acts of terror in the IIOJK have exposed the extremist and terrorist face of Hindutva of the Narendra Modi regime and India will not succeed in suppressing Kashmiri struggle for the right to self-determination with such atrocious tactics. The just cause of the Kashmiri people will win the final victory.