At UN, Pakistan spotlights Kashmiri women’s plight under Indian occupation

UNITED NATIONS: Pakistan on International Women’s Day put the spotlight on the plight of Kashmiri women under brutal Indian occupation during a United Nations Security Council debate on women’s rights, and urged the world body not to overlook their desperate situation.

Addressing the Security Council, Ambassador Munir Akram noted the references made to the plight of women and girls affected by the ongoing conflict in Ukraine as also for the protection of females’ rights in post-conflict Afghanistan but regretted that the continuing violence against women in occupied Kashmir gets much less attention during the 15-member body’s debates.

The Pakistani envoy stressed the need for addressing in “a holistic, effective and non-discriminatory manner” the challenges in numerous situations of conflict where women and girls are endangered, and their fundamental rights violated.

In this regard, Ambassador Akram said, “Less visible in the Council’s debates is the ongoing violence against women and girls in occupied Jammu and Kashmir where there is documented evidence of rape and sexual violence being used as a weapon of war against thousands of women and girls.” Their plight, he said, should not continue to be ignored.

“We must overcome double standards in all UN processes including in the Security Council,” the Pakistani envoy added. His remarks on Kashmir evoked a protest from an Indian delegate, Sneha Dubey, who harped on the same old tune that the disputed Kashmir region is an integral part of India.