Association for Democracy Maldives raises concern over continued incapacitation of Anti-Corruption

Association for Democracy Maldives (ADM) has raised concern over the vacancy of the entire Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC).

In a statement released by the NGO, they stated that allowing even a single day to pass without any members in the ACC is a major negligence of the Government to its people. They stated that the Government should amend the appointing laws or take other measures to expedite the appointment of members to ensure the continued functioning of the ACC.

They stated that under a democratic government the state expenses are borne from the funds entrusted by the people and that the Government should exercise caution and adhere to the rules and laws in using the funds.

They noted that in the absence of the ACC 60 land plots from the Hulhumale phase 2 were announced for sale, an issue which they raised serious concerns on. They also stated that there is room for them to believe that the sale of land at a time when the ACC is incapacitated, will further facilitate acts of corruption.

In December 2021 all four members of the Anti-Corruption Commission resigned after the Parliament launched a performance audit on the commission. The subsequent controversial findings in the audit led to the Parliament’s Committee on Independent Commissions to pass a decision to remove all members form the ACC.