As the COVID crisis deepens in India, so is the demand for ‘Modi’s resignation’

Islamabad : Internet users in India are calling upon the Indian fascist Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, to resign from his office as he has failed to perform and save lives of Indians amid escalating Covid crisis.

ResignModi is trending on social media amid spiraling crisis of coronavirus pandemic in India. The netizens are holding Narendra Modi responsible for disastrous handling of 2nd wave of Covid-19 across the country. They are calling out the BJP government for being complacent about coronavirus protocols.

The internet users in their posts on social media say that Indian government’s authoritarian attitude is become clearer amid the Covid crisis. They say that BJP is trying to hide the inefficiency by blocking the social media content calling Modi to resign.

Pertinently, after severe criticism on Indian government, Facebook first blocked then restored content calling on Modi to resign. Twitter also had to remove several posts on the directives of the Indian government. In these posts, Modi regime was criticized for its handling of the Covid-19.

The international media berated Modi for ‘India’s descent into Covid hell’. French newspaper Le Monde held Modi’s arrogance responsible for aggravating India’s Covid disaster and maintained that for Indians, every passing day is making it clearer that Modi has failed them.

An Australian daily newspaper has attributed the devastating second wave of coronavirus in India to missteps and complacency shown by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The daily, The Australian, in article titled “Modi leads India into a viral apocalypse” said that despite the repeated warning of health experts and a burgeoning shortage of oxygen and vaccines in India, the BJP government allowed religious gatherings such as the Kumbh Mela to continue unabated, while the country’s prime minister Narendra Modi himself spearheaded mammoth election rallies where tens of thousands participated without masks.

Even the Vice-President of Indian Medical Association, Dr Navjot Dahiya, has called Narendra Modi a ‘Super Spreader’ responsible for Covid 2nd wave by allowing election rallies and Kumbh Mela like religious congregation.

On the other hand, while other countries are cancelling major events amidst Covid, Modi government went ahead with the biggest Hindu gathering Kumbh Mela and is still adamant to conduct Amarnath Yatra in Indian illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir.

The demand is growing in India that Modi government must be held accountable for aggravating Covid disaster in the country.(KMS)