Are Nepali Athletes still not getting proper training?

Athletics experts share the same thought on how the government has not given much priority to adventure sports in Nepal. But it has good potential.

Competitions like the Everest Marathon, which has been organized in Nepal for the past few years, have confirmed that Nepal is a suitable destination for adventure competitions. Similarly, Nepali players have also seen the potential in such games.

Rajan Khatri, involved in Nepal's athletics for a long time, is the current president of Athletics Family Nepal. Khatri talks about how the future of Nepal's athletics depends on the proper planning and activities of the National Sports Council and Nepal Athletics Association.

In an interview with NepalNews, he said that Nepalese athletes now have the ability to break old records, it is necessary to give them time-appropriate training and opportunities.

Baikunth Manandhar, a Nepali runner who has participated in the Olympic marathon 4 times, completed the marathon in 2 hours 15 minutes 03 seconds in 1987 at the 3rd South Asian Games; so far nobody in South Asia has been able to break the record. However, Khatri says Nepali athletes have yet to get the opportunity and proper training.

Rajan Khatri participated in long distance running during his running career. He ran in the Cross Country World Championships in 1987 and the Youth World Championships in 1988. He won a bronze medal in the International Invitational Athletics.

He has been involved in sports management at the Tribhuvan Club of the Nepalese Army for 13 years and is also involved in various other sports organizations.