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Aqis anti-pakistan propaganda campaign is aimed to negatively target Pak Army

A well-orchestrated and systematically developed anti-Pakistan social media campaign has been started by the Al-Qaeda in Sub-Continent (AQIS) social media team. The campaign is aimed to negatively target Pakistan Army, ISI and recent democratic events portraying that Government of Pakistan, Army and ISI supports anti-Islam elements. The campaign is built around isolated statements of few renowned religious scholars of Pakistan, the statements being quoted are totally out of context clearly indicating the ill intent. Interestingly rumors regarding COVID vaccine and 5G connectivity are also being exploited. Both the issues had been part of main stream and social media debates and masses have a good knowledge with regards to the truth. People are well-aware of the fact that Covid vaccine has been globally administered and has played a vital role in controlling the deadly pandemic. The negative role of media is also part of the social media content being exploited to pollute raw minds, however it is believed that the amount of information/ awareness acquired through different mediums has amply broadened the horizon of masses to differentiate between good and evil. The ongoing social media campaign by AQIS to sow the seeds of discontent in different segments of Pakistani society by instigating religious segment of society and propagating rumors regarding international players to subjugate the world population be carefully monitored. Anti-Pakistan forces in the past have tried their best to create a wedge between people of Pakistan and Army/ ISI but the history is witness to the fact that such efforts by enemies had miserably failed. The love for Pakistan and ISI is embedded in the fiber of Pakistani nation and no power on earth can break this bond.

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