Another proof of Indian malicious propaganda to defame Pakistan

Srinagar: Another proof of the Indian government's nefarious propaganda to defame Pakistan has emerged as it is portraying a mentally challenged Pakistani citizen as a terrorist.

Tabarak Hussain, resident of village Sabzkot in Kotli region of Azad Jammu and Kashmir and mentally ill, was shot and injured by Indian soldiers when he was unknowingly arrested in Nowshera area of ​​Rajouri district of Indian Occupied Jammu. The Line of Control had been crossed. A few days ago Kashmir.

Soon after his arrest, the Indian Army and media trained their guns on Pakistan and began their propaganda to prove that Tabarak Hussain was a terrorist sent by Pakistani authorities to attack an Indian military outpost. .

However, some videos of Tabarak Hussain have surfaced on social media in which he does not look like a normal person and even a normal person can guess that he is not mentally well. In some of these videos, he can be seen tied up with ropes and chains to prevent him from leaving his home or harming himself or others.

Now the claim of the Indian authorities that he was paid a small sum of 30,000 rupees by a colonel of the Pakistani intelligence agency for the attack on an Indian military post is a white lie and is an attempt to defame Pakistan and its intelligence agencies at the international level. It is part of Indian nefarious efforts. The surface

It may be mentioned here that Tabarak Hussain was also arrested by the Indian authorities on April 25, 2016 when he mistakenly crossed the LoC and before being brought back home through the Attari Wagah border due to his mental condition. 26 months imprisonment had to be served.