Another bomb blast at a Gurdwara in Kabul exposes RAW's anti-Sikh agenda

Kabul: According to reports from Afghanistan, terrorists have detonated a bomb at a Gurdwara, a religious site of Sikhs in Kabul. The blast reportedly occurred at the main entrance of Gurdwara Karte Parwan, Kabul, Afghanistan. The blast comes a month after the attack on Parwan Guruwara in Khorasan province by the so-called Islamic State, which has close links with the Islamic State. It claimed the lives of dozens of Sikhs and members of the Taliban.

Earlier this year, the Gurudwara was attacked, killing two Afghans, including a Sikh. The repeated targeting of the Sikh minority by terrorists in Afghanistan has forced analysts to take note of the increasing attacks on Gurdwaras in Afghanistan and elsewhere around the world and the recent referendums for Khalistan in some European countries. Find the relationship between. Analysts believe that the overwhelming participation of the Sikh community in the referendum for a separate homeland based on some Indian-controlled states has unnerved the Modi government.

To prevent the creation of a Sikh state on Indian soil, New Delhi has activated its terror cells under the supervision of RAW to target Sikhs across the world to create a sense of insecurity among community members. could He believes that the latest blast at the Kabul Gurdwara is linked to the psychology of fear of India, which began with the Sikh community's power struggle for a separate homeland in the name of Khalistan on Indian soil.