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Amnesty International is alarmed about the destruction of houses in IIOJK

Amnesty International (AI), a human rights organization, has voiced alarm on the demolition of homes in IIOJK and other human rights abuses committed by the occupying Indian forces.

Amnesty International representatives Ms. Astrid Laich and Fahim Kiyani, President of Tehreek-e-Kashmir UK, requested that the ongoing demolitions in the seized area cease during a press conference in the UK.

They claimed that the current demolitions appeared to be a continuation of the heinous human rights abuses that have long been prevalent in Jammu and Kashmir.

They claimed that the current demolitions appeared to be a continuation of the heinous human rights crimes that Jammu and Kashmir, a region with a Muslim majority, has traditionally seen.

It's possible that these demolitions would result in forcible evictions, which would be a serious violation of human rights.

According to the AI officials, Indian authorities must immediately cease the demolition campaign and make sure that protections against forced evictions are put in place before any evictions are carried out, as specified in international human rights standards.

They claimed that everyone has a right to appropriate housing under the International Covenant on Economic, Social, and Cultural Rights, to which India is a state member and which forbids forcible evictions.

Several people claim that they did not get any previous notifications from the government, according to media sources.

Several of them also allege that they possessed papers showing their ownership of the houses, but the government bulldozed their homes without giving them a chance to defend their claims.

Massive bulldozer activity across the occupied area last month sparked demonstrations in a number of locations as the government labelled land that had been farmed and inhabited for decades as an illegal invasion.

Authorities in Jammu have even made a few arrests in connection with demonstrations against their initiative.

The Modi government is now determined to steal Kashmiris' means of subsistence and deprive them of the land and assets they received from their ancestors and forefathers.

The land eviction campaign is a pervasive plot to erase the unique identity of the indigenous people and make them second-class residents of their own country.

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