Al-Qaeda threatens India and Bangladesh, the suspect is Pakistan

The proscribed Al Qaeda in the sub-continent (AQIS) released a statement condemning Bangladesh government for sentencing seven “innocent” persons to death for killings of Islamophobes Shafiul Islam Lilion and Ananta Bijoy on charges of blasphemy.

The AQIS release describes Bangladesh government as “obedient agents of Hindutva menace and Taghut” who did not bring the Islamophobes to justice but has put so-called “innocent” persons on death row while it was AQIS mujahideen who had killed those who defamed Islam.

Central agencies are "seriously" looking into the Al-Qaeda threat of suicide attacks in Delhi, Mumbai, Uttar Pradesh and Gujarat to avenge the insult to Prophet Muhammad. News agency ANI reported that alerts have been issued across Delhi, Mumbai, Uttar Pradesh and Gujarat through law enforcement agencies to strict the vigil at specific locations like airports, metro, railway stations.

A day later, AQIS threatened to conduct suicide bombings in Delhi, Bombay (Mumbai), Uttar Pradesh and Gujarat and teach a lesson to “Hindu terrorists” occupying India after the now suspended spokesperson of the BJP was accused of blasphemy.

While the threat to India comes after the comments made by the then BJP spokesperson days ago, the government of Sheikh Hasina was blasted for Lilion and Bijoy, both of whom were done to death for alleged blasphemy in 2014 and 2015 respectively. Intriguingly, the only country which has an axe to grind with both India and its ally Bangladesh is Pakistan, from where this blasphemy storm was generated in the social media by using twitter handles based in Af-Pak region.