Al-Qaeda, Daesh “Reconstituting” in Afghanistan: US General

The nominee to head the US Central Command, Gen. Michael Michael Erik Kurilla, warned that the al-Qaeda and Daesh groups are “reconstituting” in Afghanistan.

However, the Islamic Emirate denied the reforming of any terrorist group in the country.

Kurilla told the US Senate Armed Services Committee also said there are some opportunities to help tackle the humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan and the region.

“One of the challenges is the threat to the homeland from al-Qaeda and ISIS-K. They are reconstituting. The Taliban has not renounced al-Qaeda. ISIS-K, with the release of the prisoners both from the Bagram prison and Pul-e-Charkhi--are in a process of reconstituting,” he said.

He also said: "We have the humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan. I believe there are opportunities in the future of ways that we can work with perhaps the World Food Program and others in the region to help alleviate some of that burden on the humanitarian crisis,” Kurilla added.

Centcom’s main headquarters is based in the US but has established a forward headquarters in Al Udeid Air Base in Qatar.

The Islamic Emirate denied the remarks made by the top US military official.

“The allegations and propaganda that are being spread- there is no evidence or documentation. We hope instead of spreading propaganda and allegations without evidence, the world will come forward and engage and cooperate with the Islamic Emirate,” said Billal Karimi, deputy spokesman for the Islamic Emirate.

The UN Security Council in a recent report raised concerns over the reconstitution of foreign “terrorist groups” in Afghanistan.

However, the Islamic Emirate denied the report.