Agreement Signed With India To Develop Auditing In The Maldives

The Auditor General's Office and the Indian Comptroller and Auditor General's Office have signed an agreement to develop and improve auditing in the Maldives.

The agreement was signed by Auditor General Hussain Niyaz and India's Comptroller and Auditor General Girish Chandra at the signing ceremony that took place at the Auditor General's Office today.

The agreement is aimed to improve the competency of Maldivian auditors, and comes with training opportunities for auditors of both countries.

Speaking at the ceremony, Niyaz said that improving auditing in the Maldives along with other sectors was very important. He noted that India's CAG was an auditing agency with international experience. He pointed out that the Maldives would benefit from that experience.

CAG Girish said that the partnership between both nations would improve as a result of this agreement, and that Maldivian auditing would improve as well.