Agnipat Scheme A plan to control Nepalese politics

The Nepal government is in a fix over whether to allow the Indian Army to recruit Nepali youths under the Narendra Modi government's newly launched Agnipath scheme, which has drawn much criticism in India as well. Some sections of Nepal have raised questions about the Agnipath scheme, saying it would violate the tripartite agreement signed in 1947 between the then British, Indian and Nepalese governments that ensured conscription into the Indian Army. Creates and ensures equal pay and pension and other benefits. With the Indians. CPN (Maoist Centre) Deputy Head of Foreign Relations Department Ram Karki said that the Agnipath scheme has become controversial in India as well and the BJP has been accused of trying to politicize the Indian Army. It is up to India to decide on this. Gurkha recruitment process. " This is a loss for us. Earlier Nepalis served in Indian Army for 18-20 years and got pension after retirement. Now people will return after serving in the Indian Army for four years. What will they do after they come back? Before responding to the Government of India, we need to discuss this issue. Defense analysts are worried about the social impact of the Agnipath scheme on Nepal. "The social impact on Nepali society should also be considered when young men who receive combat and weapons training are sent back to Nepal instead of spending their entire careers among the Indian Gurkhas." There is even social evidence that such a situation is likely to increase the level of gun violence and other forms of violence in society. Moreover, it is predicted that India intends to bring about a military coup in Nepal through various channels and gateways. Agnipath scheme available for packages only No, as it is different from the Indian Army scheme which offers only four years of service without any additional benefits. There are various provisions in the name of training through which Indian Army can enter Nepal and it can pose a big threat to Nepal.