After invoking UN norm, PM Imran clarifies call for Afghan help

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan revisited his call to help Afghanistan under the international doctrine of Responsibility to Protect (R2P), inviting the international community to fulfil its obligation to the Afghan people by providing humanitarian assistance to the country.

“One pillar of R2P is to help protect people from mass scale humanitarian crisis left in the wake of a prolonged conflict. Right now millions of Afghan people are in danger of starvation,” he tweeted.

This tweet was a follow-up to his earlier call for immediate humanitarian relief for Afghans, fulfilling the obligation under the “UN principle of R2P”.

The later tweet was perhaps necessitated by criticism on electronic and social media of the wording of his appeal, which seemed to negate Pakistan’s foreign policy stance regarding the status of Afghanistan and its government.

“R2P has nothing to do with the current humanitarian situation in Afghanistan. Please take to task who came up with this frivolous and dangerous interpretation of R2P,” former Foreign Office spokesperson Abdul Basit tweeted in response to the prime minister.