After India Orders Court of Inquiry, Pakistan Demands Joint Probe into Missile Incident

New Delhi: After India accepted that a “technical malfunction” led to a missile entering Pakistani territory, Pakistan on Saturday demanded a “joint probe”, asserting that an internal court of inquiry was not enough.

A day earlier, the Indian ministry of defence admitted that a missile was “accidentally fired” due to a “technical malfunction” during “routine maintenance”. The Indian admittance came a day after the Pakistan army went public that a “super-sonic flying object” had entered its territory from India.

India announced that the government had “taken a serious view and ordered a high-level Court of Enquiry”.

In the first official response to the Indian admittance, Pakistan called for a joint investigation.

“The whole incident indicates many loopholes and technical lapses of serious nature in Indian handling of strategic weapons. Indian decision to hold an internal court of inquiry is not sufficient since the missile ended up in Pakistani territory. Pakistan demands a joint probe to accurately establish the facts surrounding the incident,” said the statement from the Pakistan foreign office on Saturday afternoon.

It claimed that due to the short distance and response time, any misinterpretation by the other side could have led to counter-measures in self-defence with grave consequences. “Pakistan, therefore, calls upon the international community to take serious notice of this incident of grave nature in a nuclearised environment and play its due role in promoting strategic stability in the region.”

The Pakistani statement also listed seven “fundamental questions” that need to be answered by the Indian government.