After concluding first session of 2021, Parliament goes into recess

The Parliament is officially on recess after concluding the first session of the year 2021.

Under Parliament regulations, the first session runs from February 1 to the end of April.

Speaker of the Parliament Mohamed Nasheed today issued a small summary of the notable works of the parliament during the first session as he wound up today’s sitting and the final sitting of the first session.

Parliament sittings for the session amounted for 96 hours and 35 minutes in total. Parliament Committees held meetings of 282 hours and 37 minutes. A total of 37 sittings was held in the first session as well as 324 committee meetings.

Speaker Nasheed announced that 24 bills were transferred from the last session in 2020 to the first session this year as well as 11 new bills. Eight bills were finished by the parliament when the first session concluded. 27 bills remain unfinished.

10 resolutions were also transferred from last year to the first session of this year. Five resolutions submitted in this session was concluded by the parliament. The government submitted 13 matters while the Parliament concluded 10 of these matters. Seven matters submitted by the Speaker’s desk saw five concluded in this session.

A total of 10 emergency issues were submitted and all 10 were concluded. 19 Ministerial questioning sessions were also held by the parliament in this session.

Some of the important bills concluded in this session include amendments to the Defense Force act, amendments to the Anti-Human Trafficking laws, Higher Education law amendments, Public Health law amendments as well as the bill for the climate change laws.