Afghanistan: Heavy flooding causes economic and human losses

Torrential rains in central and southern provinces of Afghanistan, has resulted in the loss of human lives and severe economic damage as flood-related fatalities continue to add to the miseries of Afghan citizens.

Due to heavy downpours, 6 people died on Tuesday as a result of flooding in numerous regions of the Maruf district of Kandahar province, according to Khaama Press.

Furthermore, the catastrophic floods have claimed the lives of 3 people in the districts of Jaghori, Qarabagh, and Andar in Ghazni. Several acres of agricultural fields were turned into wetlands and devastated as a result of the floods in the village of Angoori in the Jaghori district, according to local sources.

The Ghazni province is undergoing severe flash floods for the last three days that have killed numerous locals. At least five people were killed and numerous others were injured by yesterday's flooding in different areas of Ghazni, Khaama Press reported.

The heavy rains and flash floods have affected a large number of villages and townships in the three provinces located in the country's eastern and central areas over the past several days.

According to local residents, the floods have caused the destruction of hundreds of residential structures, thousands of acres of farming fields, and dozens of gardens.

About two weeks ago, more than 40 people including women and children were killed and many others injured when floods swept across a village in Afghanistan's eastern Nuristan province.

Severe rainfall and flash floods in the Panjshir and Takhar provinces of Afghanistan also damaged property extensively. The heavy rains damaged or destroyed around 2,900 houses, a tenfold increase since the last reporting period, and also disrupted livelihoods. Critical civilian infrastructure such as roads and bridges have also been impacted.

Multiple localized assessments and relief operations are ongoing. Over the past month, about 400 people reportedly have lost their lives due to monsoon rains and flooding in Afghanistan.