Afghanistan gets over $760 mn in cash aid to fight poverty, food shortage

Afghanistan has received over USD 760 million in cash as humanitarian assistance from the international community, the country's central bank informed, adding that the money donated is beneficial in maintaining the value of the Afghan currency.

"In total, USD 761.6 million has been delivered. This aid preserves the value of the Afghani," Saber Momand, Da Afghanistan Bank's (Central Bank of Afghanistan) spokesperson was quoted as saying by Tolo News.

The aim of the international aid has been to prevent widespread poverty and food shortages in the country hit by a devastating humanitarian crisis since the Taliban takeover in August last year.

However, some locals allege that the aid is not being donated in a fair manner, Tolo News reported.

"Donations come but they do not give it to us. There are representatives of the people in our area who say that if you share fifty per cent of the aid with us, I will put your name on the list. If you do not, I will not take your name," Mirajan, a worker was quoted as saying.

Seventy-year-old Mirajan is the father of a family of six who spends his days with his cart on the streets of Kabul trying to find a piece of bread for his family, the report said.

The Taliban regime meanwhile, has asked the international community to "provide humanitarian assistance in coordination with the institutions of the Islamic Emirate," the report said.

"Humanitarian aid provided through the United Nations should be done in coordination with ministries and government departments so that aid reaches the vulnerable families in a transparent manner and with accountability and reporting," Abdul Rahman Habib, spokesperson for Taliban's Ministry of Economy reportedly said.

The United Nations (UN) has been at the forefront of providing cash assistance to Afghanistan by delivering cash to the Afghan Central bank.

Recently, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has urged the international community to create conditions conducive to injecting liquidity into the economy of the crisis-struck country.

He also highlighted the UN's efforts in helping Afghanistan by bringing banknotes amounting to USD 500 million by plane into the country.

Afghanistan is grappling with a serious humanitarian crisis as according to international assessments, Afghanistan has now the highest number of people in emergency food insecurity in the world, with more than 23 million in need of assistance, and approximately 95 per cent of the population having insufficient food consumption.

Notably, the situation of human rights in Afghanistan has worsened since the collapse of the Afghan government and the Taliban's return to power in August last year. Although the fighting in the country has ended, serious human rights violations continue unabated.