Afghanistan Among Top Countries Where Education is at Risk: NGO

Save the Children in a recent report ranked Afghanistan among top countries that identified at extreme risk of ongoing and future crises disrupting education.

“This briefing update the Risks to Education Index with new 2021 or 2022 data where available. We have identified four countries – Afghanistan, Sudan, Somalia, and Mali – at extreme risk of ongoing and future crises disrupting education,” the report said. “These countries are closely followed by a further 30 countries ranked at high risk, with Yemen, Nigeria, Syria, Central African Republic, and Eritrea within the highest 10 countries in the index.”

This comes as dozens of students in Kabul are studying in shops and under tents as their schools lack buildings.

The students complained that they lack access to basic needs for their schooling.

“We urge the government to make us a building. We are studying in the shops," said Sabora, a student.

"We are very interested in studying. I want to be a doctor in the future, so please build us a school," said Nazo, a student.

According to the teachers, more than 900 students are studying under the tents and in rented shops.

"The school doesn't have a wall and everyone crosses from here and makes problems for the teachers," said Feroza, a teacher.

The community leader said that they have shared the issue many times with the Islamic Emirate but the problem has yet to be fixed.

“Unfortunately, there has yet to be any progress. We have this many male and female students but we lack a building,” said Noor Wali Sulaiman Khail, a community leader.