Afghan Women Hold Book Fair in Kabul

To celebrate the last day of the week of the International Day of Book, several women held a book exhibition on a street in Kabul.

The organizers said the exhibition is aimed to increase public awareness about the importance of reading books.

“We want to hold a book-reading exhibition on the street to boost up the book reading culture in the society,” said Khatera Hissar, an organizer.

“We celebrate this day and we try to praise the book,” said Azita Nazhand, an organizer.

The visitors welcomed the holding of the exhibition and urged the citizens to incorporate book reading as a daily habit.

“The nation that pays attention to studying books is aware of its history and will learn new things in the world,” said Nisar Ahmad, a resident of Kabul.

Analysts called on the current Afghan government to pave the way for education in the country.

“There should be attention paid to book reading in the education sectors in schools by the government,” said Mohammad Yasin Ihsan, a cultural analyst.