Afghan Taliban: Stronger than ever

When the Taliban were in power from 1996-2001, they had sort of any army with the regular soldiers joining the Taliban fighters to provide technical skills. Some were pilots, others tank drivers and technicians. They used Soviet weapons captured and left behind for the Afghan army, and were often old and not very worthy of use.

But now Taliban have laid their hands on the most modern and sophisticated weapons manufactured in the US and other Western countries and could use them to deadly effect by hiring the surrendered Afghan soldiers. This has happened in the past and can happen again. In these challenging circumstances, the beleaguered Afghan government would face a very challenging task defending the cities.

The Taliban have now become strong enough to be termed an army even though they aren’t organized on regular lines. Having captured big military bases and garrisons from the Afghan forces, they are now in possession of vast premises, buildings, barracks, parade lines and all other bases facilities. They have seized a large number of tanks, armored personnel carriers, rangers and other military vehicles, artillery guns, mortars, and heavy and light weapons.

In fact, the Taliban are finding it difficult preparing an inventory of the captured weapons and keeping them in good shape. The much-valued American Humvees are now in the hands of the Taliban in unspecified but unusually big numbers. They have been making videos of the captured weapons for showcasing their triumphs.