Afghan Religious Figure Gunned Down in India

According to a media source from India’s Maharashtra state on Wednesday, the Afghan religious figure Khwaja Syed Zarif Chishti, popularly known as Zarif Baba, had been shot and killed.

The Indian security authorities told Indian media that a group of four unidentified assailants shot and killed the Afghan Muslim community leader, 35, in an open, vacant plot in Yeola on Tuesday, July 5 in the Nashik region of Yeola.

The Afghan religious figure was shot repeatedly in the head and neck by at least four unidentified assailants, according to investigations, killing him on the spot.

After committing the murder, the four assailants fled in a nearby parked car that was allegedly the Chishti’s.

Investigators are looking into the crime’s motivation, which is now thought to be related to the property and is still under investigation. To find the gunmen and the getaway vehicle, a manhunt has also been started.

With the adverse situation of Muslims in India, the third-largest Muslim-minority country, the Muslim population has been marginalized and Muslim humiliation has become a part of the political landscape.