Abuse of minorities in India

New Delhi: Religious minorities have suffered the worst since Modi's BJP came to power in 2014. The Modi government is leaving no stone unturned in transforming India into a Hindu Rashtra (Hindu state). The point is, anti-Christian watchdogs are breaking into villages, raiding churches, burning Christian literature, attacking schools and attacking worshipers. Despite constitutional safeguards for religious freedom, the practice of worship has become dangerous. Rising attacks on Christians, who make up about 2% of the population, are part of a broader shift in India, in which minorities feel less secure. Although the storm over blasphemy against a senior BJP leader has not abated, RSS goons have inflamed Christian sentiments by burning a Bible in Chatradarga, Karnataka. The purpose is clear because the translation of this plan is to isolate and demonize minorities In order to strengthen the Hindu system and establish a Hindu state. The US Commission on International Religious Freedom, a government agency, has recommended that India be placed on its red list for "serious violations of religious freedom." "Christians are being persecuted, discriminated against and persecuted as never before in India, and the attacker is free every time," said Matthias Pratola, Advocacy Director of the International Christian Concern. Let's run. " According to the United Christian Forum, the number of alleged violent crimes against members of the Christian community in India has risen by almost 75% since 2021 was "the most violent year for Christians" in India. Was According to the United Christian Forum, 2021 figures are much higher than previous years - 127 (2014), 142 (2015), 226 (2016), 248 (2017), 292 (2018) and 328 (2019), 279 ( 2020). The subjugation of minorities, especially Muslims and Christians, is part of a growing climate of religious intolerance. Now is the time for minorities to unite against the RSS-backed Hindu government to sabotage the process of turning India into a Hindu state.