A permanent representative of Junagarh should be appointed in the UNO

An example of Junagarh is that the “plot registry exists but is not occupied” said by

Syed Alamdar Hussain Bukhari Special Adviser and Nawab of Junagarh Muhammad Jahangir Khan G.

New York: State advisor Syed Alamdar Hussain Bukhari met with Nawab of Junaghar Muhammad Jahangir Khan G. Both discussed in meeting the program to celebrate September 14 as Junagarh Day in Pakistan and Syed Alamdar Hussain Bukhari consulted on the appointment of Junagarh ambassadors to some important countries of the world and setting up a regular media cell and office in New York.

The Nawab of Junagarh strongly criticized India's action in depriving Junagarh of its fundamental rights and called for the appointment of a representative to the UNO.

On this occasion, the Nawab of Junagarh praised the efforts and work of Syed Alamdar Hussain Bukhari for Junagarh and presented him a shield and a cup.

Syed Alamdar Hussain Bukhari and Nawab of Junagarh jointly called on the Government of Pakistan to bring the Junagarh case to the world stage and expose the current situation of the state of Junagarh among the overseas Pakistanis and its face over India's aggressive occupation.

In meeting Government of Pakistan was also urged to take steps to bring the Junagarh case to the world stage at the UNO and to intensify efforts to make friendly countries.

Both also thanked the present government for including Junagarh in the political map of Pakistan.