974 tourist facilities currently operational across Maldives

A total of 974 tourist facilities are currently operational across Maldives.

The latest weekly statistics publicized by the Ministry of Tourism revealed that the total number of operational beds span across resorts, hotels, guesthouses and liveaboard vessels including 39,196 in resorts, 1,424 in hotels, 11,278 in guesthouses and 2,954 in liveaboard vessels.

This means that one tourist accommodation establishment resumed operations in the past week.

Operational facilities include 164 resorts, 649 guesthouses, 11 hotels and 150 liveaboard vessels.

Maldives currently has a capacity of 1,185 tourist facilities which include 154 safari vessels, 861 hotels and guesthouses and 170 resorts. This means that of the total facility-capacity, four safari vessels, six resorts, 201 guesthouses and hotels are yet to resume operations.