5 Journalists assaulted by extremist hindu mob at burari

New Delhi: Five journalists were assaulted by extremist Hindu mob during Hindu Mahapanchayat event organized at Burari. The event was being organized under the banner of ‘Save India Foundation’ run by Preet Singh, a follower of controversial Priest Yati Narsighanand. The event was aimed to advocate issues including “ghuspet niyantran” (intruder control), “dharmantran niyantran” (religious conversion control) and “devsthan mandir mukti” (freedom of Hindu temples). Prominent personalities from militant Hindutva ecosystem and high-profile mainstream Priests participated in the event and delivered hate speeches for genocide of Muslims. ‘Sudarshan News’ Editor Suresh Chavhanke, said, “What answers will we give to our sons and daughters in the future? Our next generation will say that their uncles and grandfathers were cowards. They could have stopped it [the Islamization of India] but they did not. This is our decency, but if it’s misconstrued for our weakness then we will have to renounce it.” He then asked the audience to talk instead about special rights for Hindus. The event also featured Yati Narsinghanand and Suresh Chavankhe, both of whom have recently been in the news for administering oaths to their respective congregations for a call to arms in ‘protection’ of the Hindu religion, which has been seen as a genocidal cry for violence against Muslims. He was also amongst a number of speakers who used ‘The Kashmir Files’ as a communal tool. The fact that Muslim journalists were assaulted is also a testament to the disruption of ‘social harmony’ at the event. The organizers of the event, Preet Singh and Pinky Chaudhary, both have previously been arrested for hate speeches at Jantar Mantar in August 2021. ‘The Quint’ reported that the event was denied permission by the Police, organizers had communicated to the publication that they intended to continue with the event regardless and videos show an absence of Police intervention when the event’s expected hate speeches and calls to violence began.