5 Afghan girls' schools reopen after student demands

Five government secondary schools for girls have resumed classes in eastern Afghanistan after hundreds of students demanded they reopen, a provincial official said on Thursday (Sep 8).

Officially the Taliban have banned girls' secondary school education, but the order has been ignored in a few parts of Afghanistan away from the central power bases of Kabul and Kandahar.

Mohammad Wali Ahmadi, principal of Shashgar High School in Gardez, told AFP around 300 girls had returned to school since last week despite there being no change in official policy.

Groups of girls wearing headscarves and hijabs were seen heading to the school on Thursday morning.

"Since the girls came on their own, we haven't turned them back," Ahmadi said.

But, if the education ministry ordered them to close, he would do so "immediately", he added.

"So far we have not been told to send the girls back," Ahmadi said.