30% skill gap in Bangladesh’s labour market: study

The labour market in Bangladesh faces about 30 per cent skill gap, highlighting the challenges the country faces in equipping its workers with required skill-sets, according to a study revealed today.

The Bangladesh Institute of Development Studies (BIDS) conducted the study on "the labour market on skill demand, supply and mismatch" in association with the Skill for Employment Investment Programme (SEIP), a project of the finance ministry.

The study findings were shared at an event at the Lakeshore Hotel in Dhaka.

The skill gap is a firm-level measure of skill mismatch based on the employer's perception of the ability of employees. It assesses the degree to which workers lack adequate competencies to successfully perform their duties.

According to the study, the skill gap is higher for professionals and technical persons. This suggests that training programmes need to gradually move towards technologically sophisticated industries.

Female workers are more skilled than their male counterparts in women-dominated industries such as the readymade garment sector. The skill gap is also found to be higher for senior-level technical positions, it said.