'3 years of Naya Pakistan': PM Imran briefs nation on PTI's performance so far

As the PTI government completes three years in power, Prime Minister Imran Khan on Thursday presented to the nation a review of his party's performance so far at the Jinnah Convention Centre in Islamabad.

The prime minister began the speech by welcoming "all our chief ministers, governors and the leaders of AJK who have just been elected" before commending Sindh Governor Imran Ismail for singing his famous Tabdeeli song prior to his speech.

"I'm not sure if he has more talent for singing or governance," PM Imran said about the governor's performance.

He recalled the time when his party was nascent and "had just five to six people who were mocked for being PTI representatives".

Following this, PM Imran harked back to his career as a cricketer, explaining how his life as a sportsman, "where there are standing ovations one moment and curses the next", prepared him for a life of struggles.

"Until you go through struggles, you cannot do anything big," the prime minister said. "No leader became big with a shortcut. Quaid-e-Azam was a big leader. He struggled in his life and people will always remember him [for that]."

PM Imran detailed the struggles his government faced on the economic front over the first three years of their mandated five-year tenure, saying he had inherited a country heading towards bankruptcy.

The prime minister mentioned the country's tiff with India in the aftermath of Pulwama incident and thanked the armed forces for their part. "I appreciate our army and air force. As they (Indian fighter jets) came into our territory and launched an offensive, we realised the [power] of our army."