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25th May: Youm-E-Takreem-E-Shuhada-E-Pakistan

On May 25, "Youm-e-Takreem-e-Shuhada-e-Pakistan" is observed. The purpose of the day is to honour the Ghazis and Martyrs for their courage and exceptional contributions to the country.

The country of Pakistan will never forget the sacrifices made by its armed forces by paying tribute to the martyrs and appreciating their bravery and tenacity. Regardless of regional, linguistic, or political distinctions, every soldier and commander in the Pakistani Army puts their duties and obligations first.

The safety and unity of the nation are ensured by a powerful army. The significant sacrifices made by the martyrs have allowed us to live in a free country. Our greatest asset and source of pride are the sacrifices made by martyrs and the contributions made by Ghazis.

The institution of the Pakistan Army never forgets martyrs or their grieving families. In order to repel an adversary that chose to conquer our nation under cover of darkness, the people of Pakistan stood together as one solid structure.

Former Indian police officer N.C. Asthana claims in his book that India lacks clarity regarding its military and geopolitical goals in relation to its declared foes, Pakistan and China, and that it is also unable to win a war against either of them to instill pride in our Armed Forces' past accomplishments so that the current generation won't be susceptible to anti-Pakistan propaganda.

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