25 Myanmar nationals detained and arresredd for illegal entry in Ranong, Thailand

Thailand detained 25 Myanmar nationals for illegal entry in Ranong province.

They arrived in Thailand through the border and arrested while waiting to continue their journey to find work, according to Thai authorities.

On the morning of August 25, 17 men and six women from Myanmar were arrested in Ranong province. It is known that they entered by water and were caught at the bank of a creek.

On August 25, three more Myanmar nationals who entered through Ranong were arrested.

The Myanmar nationals detained by the authorities were arrested while waiting for the brokers to continue their journey in order to get jobs, according to the Thai authorities.

Myanmar citizens who entered illegally are sent by brokers in Thai-Myanmar border and they paid 3,000 baht per person in advance. They were arrested while waiting for the brokers to proceed through Ranong.