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Asian Peace Research is an Organization that was started in Thailand which seeks to work for peace and stability in Asia Pacific. The organization was started by a group of journalists, lawyers and human rights campaigners who were civil society members that took the initiative to develop, equip and mobilize individual peace agents, community peace structures and local peace-promoting organizations and work with them for synergy and greater impact. Our organization focuses on raising the voice for those who are suffering in the region due to instability caused by lack of peace and tackle the inequalities that keep people poor. Together, we work to save, protect and rebuild lives of people and build better lives for themselves, and for others. Our role is to make this world peaceful for living and we won’t stop until every person on the planet can enjoy a peaceful life


We envision a stable and peaceful society that upholds social justice, peace, equity and development and all people are treated with dignity and respect and have equal opportunities to participate in nation building matters. We aspire to promote a greater understanding of the needs of everyone and to advocate for an improved access to services and holistic empowerment of everyone.


Our mission is to facilitate, advocate and coordinate broad-based peace and development initiatives for the peaceful co-existence of people nationally and regionally. We work to create a peaceful and an accessible platform where everyone has an equal opportunity to fully participate in all aspects of engagement in the community. We endeavor to provide innovative supportsystemsto enhance lifestyle, learning and vocational opportunities for people with their families and carers. We strive to provide quality, sustainable and flexible services that uphold human rights and create opportunities that holistically empower our brothers and sisters to live the life that they choose and/or desire.

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